First analysis of the June 2013 Flood in Saxony

A preliminary event analysis for the June 2013 Flood in Saxony is available (in German) from the Saxon Flood Centre under

The most interesting findings are, that for some areas the flood was more intense than in 2002. However, total caused damage was around one third one fourth (2 billion Euros) of the 2002 value (6 billion 8 billion Euros). This is not only a consequence of the event characteristics, but first and foremost of a tremendously improved flood risk management.

That’s sheet flow…

My colleague Norbert (from TU Dresden’s Institute of Hydrology and Meteorology) sent me a photo of overland flow in a forest after heavy rain hit the catchment.

Overland flow in a forest, June 2013
Overland flow in a forest, June 2013 (photo by Norbert Prange)
This is the same place one week later (photo by Norbert Prange)…