Colleague Massimiliano Zappa of WSL proposed via his Twitter channel to connect the scientific community via the hashtag #EuroDrought18 (at least the ones, who are on Twitter):

The proposal faced very broad agreement. The further development of the current drought situation will be interesting since seasonal precipitation forecasts show no fundamental relief of the situation (except parts of Southern Europe):

Seasonal precipitation anomaly forecast of DWD/MPI/UHH for August to October 2018; (c) DWD, MPI-M and UHH; Source: https://www.dwd.de/DE/leistungen/jahreszeitenvorhersage

Other seasonal forecasting systems point out the same direction; so, there is some evidence that there will be further coverage of #EuroDrought18

Seasonal precipitation anomaly forecast of ECMWF for August to October 2018; (c) ECMWF; Source: https://www.ecmwf.int/en/forecasts/charts/catalogue/

By now, there has been a lot of interesting coverage going on with Twitter. So please feel free and follow and contribute to #EuroDrought18!